Requirements to Volunteer

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Assisting teachers in schools with limited resources provides an engaging environment for educating children and teenagers. Your ideas, your energy, and your presence are exciting for students and invigorating for the teachers and parents. The students are full of curiosity about the world around them and they welcome your perspective. You are also a positive role model to youth who are often at-risk.

You will serve as full time teacher or a teacher's aide in subjects such as English, French, Mathematics, Computing and IT, Science, Music and Sports. You may also be involved in creative projects and non-classroom based activities which help create a stimulating learning environment.

Your presence and support helps students build confidence in themselves and gain energy for new accomplishments. Volunteers are warmly welcomed by local teachers who appreciate the exchange of ideas, and an extra pair of hands to work one-on-one with students.

You don't have to be a teacher to take part in and enjoy our Teaching placements. Open to all volunteers, you really benefit the students you work with, while gaining valuable skills yourself. Placements are in primary or secondary schools. All our placements have one thing in common - a genuine need for conversational English or Math's practice. Below are the minimum requirements to participate in our TEACH IN GHANA Project.


1. At least age 18 (no maximum age limit);

2. Appreciable knowledge in English language

3. Strong commitment to values and principles of volunteerism;

4. Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;

5. Ability to adjust in difficult living conditions;

6. Strong interpersonal and communication skills